Sandwiches & Burgers

Choice of regular or
sweet potato hand-cut fries

Mushroom Panini
Wild mushrooms, mesclun greens,
tomato, white bean puree, in-house
mozzarella, ciabatta roll 11

Smoked Pulled Pork
BBQ sauce, fried onions,
cole slaw 12

Roasted Chicken Breast
Avocado, sweet chili reduction, artisan
lettuce 12

Shortrib Burger
Tomato jam, fried onion ring, pesto
goat cheese, artisan lettuce 14

Angus Burger
Cheddar, bacon, vine-ripened
tomatoes, artisan lettuce,
red onion 11

Angus and Pear Burger
Bourbon-poached pear and onion,
grilled green tomato, mozzarella 12

Small Plates

*Freshly Baked Pretzels
Two house-made pretzels, ale
cheese sauce 6

Cheese curds, duck confit,
duck gravy, scallions 12

*Atlas Wings
Sweet chili sauce, carrot & celery
six or twelve 7/13

Fried Pickles
Beer-battered pickles
red pepper aioli 7

White wine, garlic, onion, parsley,
cream half or full 8/15

-Chilled, lemon, cocktail sauce
-Grilled, lemon, parsley butter
half or full 9/17


Pork Rillette
Brie, red onion marmalade, basil, walnuts 3

Ground lamb, feta cheese, tomato 3.5

Duck Confit
Grilled pineapple relish 4

Cucumber yogurt sauce 3

Fried Chicken
Duck gravy, pickle slice 3


Blackened Tilapia
Cilantro, chipotle and pineapple relish,
avocado 3.5

Beef Shortrib
Guajillo and ancho pepper marinade,
garnished with pickled onion 4

Tomato jam, chipotle, onion, cilantro,
queso fresco 3

Freight Handler Milk Stout mole, ancho
& guajillo chiles with cotija cheese 4

Tomato jam, onion, pico de gallo 3



Roma tomatoes, mozzarella,
balsamic reduction, basil pesto 11

Balsamic glaze, gorgonzola,
candied walnuts, arugula 12

*The Italian
Roasted sweet peppers, tomato
sauce, mozzarella, parmesan,
Italian sausage 13

*Mongolian Short Rib
Teriyaki-marinated short rib,
Shiitake mushrooms, scallions,
mozzarella, parmesan 13

*Banh Mi
Pork rillette, pickled daikon,
cilantro, jalapeño, lemon aioli 14

*Available until Midnight
Friday and Saturday

Greens & Entrees

Filled Romaine Heart
Egg, bacon, red onion
marmalade, avocado,
chicken, parmesan, black
pepper vinaigrette…12

Chicken, shrimp, rice,
andouille sausage…12

*Grilled Pear Salad
Candied walnuts, blue
cheese, baby romaine,
balsamic vinaigrette…13

Fish & Chips
Atlas Golden Ale-battered
tilapia, house cut fries, lemon