Small Plates

*Freshly Baked Pretzels
Two house-made pretzels, ale
cheese sauce 6

Cheese curds, duck confit,
duck gravy, scallions 12

*Atlas Wings
Sweet chili sauce, carrot & celery
six or twelve 7/13

*Cider-Glazed Wings
Apple glaze, panko breading
six or twelve 7/13

Fried Pickles
Beer-battered pickles
red pepper aioli 7

-Chilled, lemon, cocktail sauce
-Grilled, lemon, parsley butter
half or full 9/17


Pork Rillette
Brie, red onion marmalade, basil, walnuts 3

Ground lamb, feta cheese, tomato 3.5

Duck Confit
Grilled pineapple relish 4

Cucumber yogurt sauce 3

Fried Chicken
Duck gravy, pickle slice 3


Blackened Tilapia
Cilantro, chipotle and pineapple relish,
avocado 3.5

Beef Shortrib
Guajillo and ancho pepper marinade,
garnished with pickled onion 4

Tomato jam, chipotle, onion, cilantro,
queso fresco 3

Freight Handler Milk Stout mole, ancho
& guajillo chiles with cotija cheese 4

Tomato jam, onion, pico de gallo 3

Sandwiches & Burgers

Choice of regular or
sweet potato hand-cut fries

Mushroom Panini
Wild mushrooms, mesclun greens,
tomato, white bean puree, in-house
mozzarella, ciabatta roll 11

Smoked Pulled Pork
BBQ sauce, fried onions,
cole slaw 12

Roasted Chicken Breast
Cotija cheese, roasted garlic-chipotle aioli,
avocado, grilled red onion,
chile lemon fries 12

Shortrib Burger
Tomato jam, fried onion ring, pesto
goat cheese, artisan lettuce 14

Angus Burger
Cheddar, bacon, vine-ripened
tomatoes, artisan lettuce,
red onion 11

Massaman Curry Burger
Sweet and spicy peanut sauce,
pickled cucumber, red onion,
curried fries 12

Greens & Entrees

Chopped Romaine
Egg, bacon, red onion
marmalade, avocado,
chicken, parmesan, black
pepper vinaigrette…12

*Grilled Pear Salad
Candied walnuts, blue
cheese, baby romaine,
balsamic vinaigrette…13

Chicken, shrimp, rice,
andouille sausage…12

Fish & Chips
Atlas Golden Ale-battered
tilapia, house cut fries, lemon



Roma tomatoes, mozzarella,
balsamic reduction, basil pesto 11

Balsamic glaze, gorgonzola,
candied walnuts, arugula 12

*The Italian
Roasted sweet peppers, tomato
sauce, mozzarella, parmesan,
Italian sausage 13

*Mongolian Short Rib
Teriyaki-marinated short rib,
Shiitake mushrooms, scallions,
mozzarella, parmesan 13

*Banh Mi
Pork rillette, pickled daikon,
cilantro, jalapeño, lemon aioli 14

*Available until Midnight
Friday and Saturday